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Food packaging "micro" change to cater to the market demand

2014-8-25 15:47:37 times to browse

"China packaging network -" social media such as weibo, micro letter, "media" has been far beyond the influence of some individuals and groups, and began to push the society as a whole in the form of information exchange and interpersonal innovation, thus actually affects every aspect in the field of market consumption and production. Under this background, the people in the "micro" era is becoming more and more high to the requirement of products, traditional food is increasingly difficult to attract the consumer market new forces. Recently, many manufacturers have started on the product packaging, continuous miniaturization to cater to the needs of the consumers. According to the survey, the market is currently significant growth, but how market response remains to be verified, but at least can be said to be for the development of food packaging industry has injected a fresh wind. 
"Micro" become popular 
As easecredit, going back and forth to micro letter, such as the food industry to the "micro" in turn, also began to pop up the "packaging". Now, a lot of snack food in fashion, on the packaging done sufficient "micro" - micro biscuits, micro cake bigger only half of the traditional products and even smaller, micro chips as long as can become a pack of 5 pieces. In addition, there is micro micro candy, drinks and so on. The personage inside course of study says, so delicate cutting products, more easy to satisfy the business enterprise brand personality as well as to meet the new needs of consumers "picky eaters". 
Is not only a candy food packaging exquisite, waffles, such as the small cake cake products is also gradually by the size of the "micro". "Originally a two or three mouth to eat out, today's packaging can be a a, feel more convenient." Some consumers said. Field survey also found that a lot of small cakes, cake weighing class obviously had a "lean", the same number of grams of increased, because is charged according to g, is not much floating on price. Such as waffles only by the size of the previous half, causeway to burn. 
The personage inside course of study thinks, small good collection, and the price is relatively cheap, is a small drink popular reason. In general, beverage enterprises can choose large, medium and small three kinds of packaging, boxes, plastic bottle, beverage cans of three kinds of materials to promote products, there is all the main 200 ml beverage enterprise is relatively rare, and therefore easier to stand out. Small package is also proving to better to meet the demand of some consumers of leisure consumption. Not only that, small packaging can also be done more fashion, fun, easy welcomed by customers. 
"Micro" future is assured 
Although the market demand, product lines are increasingly rich, but whether consumers can fully it is difficult to accept small packaged food. Food industry insiders said, from the point of view of the existing market performance, although small packaged food does have its prospective market expectations, but now the best selling is still the 100 grams of snack food packaging put even greater. Enterprises in the exploration of micro packaging must not easily give up on the way to the original packaging market, but can be a combination of these, expand the original big packing the item inside the proportion of small packaging products. 
It is important to note that the change of the demand for food in traditional markets and consumer habits will not quickly appear "one-sided", and the gradient will be a long process, in this segment, the market will be in process of the enterprise product supply and daily needs of the market, will present a more possibilities. Germination in market demand, of course, is the layout of the future enterprise, will be more likely to seize new opportunities, and the new thought to be more opportunity to get the response in the field of electronic commerce. 
Industry experts point out that, from the point of current online sales, small packaging leisure food combination of online sales in good condition, some international fashion leisure food through online sales platform is to leverage the domestic market by exquisite packaging, such as the cords of wafer cake between originally, more suitable for eating and so on. Can see is that this kind of delicate way of leisure food, locate a similar product is high, therefore, is that much more to have the possibility of online marketing. 
Overall, the current global economic situation is not clear. Influenced by the "lipstick effect", when people cannot buy other commodities to gain satisfaction, would prefer to buy some more positioning higher leisure food and other consumer goods, in order to improve the happiness index. So, the food packaging whether play "micro" innovation, is to let a person look forward to, also remains to be seen.