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Introduction to international and domestic development of plastic packing materials

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China packaging net news 】  packing plastic consumption is one of the largest varieties of plastic in consumer consumption, at the same time, style diversity, technology update quickly. At the same time, the plastic packaging machinery, with the development of plastic packaging consumption expanded gradually, the prospect is good, the domestic and foreign market has huge potential. 
Plastic industry in the world, the dosage of biggest packaging plastic, generally accounts for 25% of the total amount of plastic - 70%, including packaging plastic products is one of the largest varieties of consumption, annual consumption of 7 million tons. Plastic industry in the world, the dosage of biggest packaging plastic, generally accounts for 25% of the total amount of plastic - 70%, including packaging plastic products is one of the largest varieties of consumption, annual consumption of 7 million tons. Packing new material, new craft, new technology, new products constantly emerging, including new polyester packaging, new type of degradable plastics, foamed plastics towards zero pollution, the development of metallocene plastic is especially rapid. 
In terms of equipment, the macro and micro economy in our country face the situation gets better, the needs of society will be stable growth situation, consumption growth is expected to stimulate the plastic products. And the consumption of plastic packaging products, will push the technological progress of plastic packaging machinery and rapid development, so the prospect of a piece of brilliance of plastic machinery. 
International plastic packaging materials development prospects 
1, plastic packaging in the packaging industry to become one of the fastest demand growth material 
From the international point of view, although plastic packaging materials have been suffered the serious challenge of environmental problems, if only from the data published in recent years, plastic packaging in the packaging industry still become one of the fastest growing materials demand. According to the Freedonia group statistical analysis and forecast, the United States in the field of packaging paper and plastic average growth rate of 2.4% in the 19962001's, including plastic 3.4%, according to Japan's packaging technology magazine statistics, Japan's sales of plastic packaging materials in all kinds of packaging as a proportion of the total sales of 15.4%, ranked second. 
According to the United States, Japan, the development of the medium-sized powers and prediction, clear, plastic packaging materials in the 21st century will be sustained, steady development, in such aspects as protection of goods, improve commodity value continue to play a positive role. 
2, high separation and versatility of the development of plastics packaging materials is becoming a hot spot in many countries packaging materials 
This kind of material including high permeability, multi-function fresh-keeping, selective permeability, heat resistance, sterile (antibacterial) and anti-rust, deodorant, shape memory, to sealing and easy open sealable plastic packaging materials, with high block and permeability multi-function fresh-keeping, sterile packing material such as the development of more quickly, will become the key point of the development of the early 21st century. 
3, energy saving, environmental protection, are easy to be recycled to become the starting point of technology development 
The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, plastic packaging materials will usher in new opportunities, will also suffer severe challenges, in order to adapt to the demands of a new age, plastic packaging materials in addition to the requirements to meet the quality and efficiency of packaging and increasing market demands, still need to further save energy, and attention to recycling. 
4, develop antistatic, conductive RuanSu packaging materials, has a broad development prospects 
5, blend of plastic, plastic alloy, inorganic material filling reinforced composites (ABC) will be the star of the tomorrow of plastic. 
For more detail, please refer to the Chinese industry insight into network published the plastic packaging industry in China in 2010-2015 depth research and forecasting analysis report. 
The development trend of domestic plastic packaging materials 
1, the composite matrix two-way stretch film developing rapidly 
For now, it should be the introduction of high-tech equipment, development of special polyester film, through the multi-layer co-extrusion technology, production of heat sealing film, occupation of fresh food, frozen food packaging market; Introduced to fit the heat shrinkable film production technology at the same time, the development of polyester bottle label in membrane, etc. 
Deserves attention is that the world's total output of BOPA is 110000 t, only Japan accounted for half. Why the output of BOPA is? The reason is that with the development of multi-layer co-extrusion technology, multi-layer co-extrusion nylon membrane partly replace the BOPA film, development is also going to the supermarket and BOPA packaging market, with the improvement of living standards, can obtain the reasonable development. 
Select advanced five layers co-extrusion, on the other hand, stretch film, it can produce high-grade CPP, product market positioning for high barrier film performance and high-temperature cooking film, in the domestic market prospects look good. 
2, high barrier property, more functional thin film is the new technology development 
Original composite film is developing to a deeper level, bag making, printing on a new level, to speed up the pace to enter the color revolution. At the same time, he has been in offset, gravure, flexo color system, promoted the RuanSu packaging materials to the depth development of anti-counterfeiting packaging film is the rapid development, called RuanSu packaging normally open flower. 
3, multi-layer co-extrusion technology development, change the products structure of functional thin film and container, adapted to the market demand. 
With the development of market economy, commodity packaging, cosmetics packaging, food packaging, household appliances, packaging were put forward higher requirements. Turning on the one hand, as the environmental protection growing, how to meet the packaging function, reduce discharge of waste as far as possible, thus rendering packaging film, packaging container to develop in the direction of lightweight, thin walled, mainly dry compound high barrier property of the film, in the process of production using adhesives, solvent is easy to pollute the environment, and development of co-extrusion packaging film, its craft equipment investment province, low cost, strong adaptability, easy to operate. Co-extrusion technology developing rapidly in the world, as well as the relevant data show that the developed countries co-extrusion packaging film accounted for 40% of the whole RuanSu packaging materials, and we only 6%, still give priority to with dry composite membrane, the proportion is not reasonable. 
4, fruits and vegetables preservation packaging film wide prospect of market 
Our country is the world's largest fruit and vegetable production and sales of power, however, about 30% of fruit during storage, transportation, sales loss, including improper packing important reason, in the fierce competition in the market condition, the role of packaging is more and more important. 
At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film is fresh fruits and vegetables the most widely used packaging materials. 
5, plastic bottles market lies the attractive business opportunities 
Plastic packaging container a vast market, the beverage industry with attractive business opportunity, soda, juice, vegetables, drinks the increasing demand for plastic containers. 
Carbonated beverage packaging proportion (57.4%), the application of PET bottle market prospects look good. 
As the domestic tea beverage market boom, PET bottle has become a hot filling polyester bottles of the fastest growing varieties, annual growth rate of more than 50%. 
PP transparent bottles of development is a hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging, including high transparent PP can be widely used in injection, blow, blow, extrusion, hot type containers, such as food, medicine bottle, the price is appropriate, PS, ABS, PET, PE bottle of competitors, the broad market prospect. 
6, water bottles (barrels) market 
The bottled water production is 5.54 million t, accounted for nearly a quarter of the total beverages and has entered innumberable families. The current development of food grade PC material is very urgent. Shanghai with bayer PC resin level has signed a contract to build 100000 t, 2003, the first production, annual output of 50000 t, can alleviate the situation of PC long-term imports. 
In recent years, PC water barrels development soon, only Shanghai, guangdong and the annual output is over 50 million. Therefore, with the domestic production of raw materials, development of PC bottles will be a rare opportunity. 
7, heat shrinkable film to develop in the direction of multi-function, market prospects look good 
It is predicted that the market demand of heat shrinkable film will grow at 20% in the next five years, especially the PET shrink film in the application of PET beer bottle, reduced the process of remove tags, very beneficial to the bottle recycling.