Qingdao yiqing printing and packaging factory is located in No.106 Changsha road,Qindao,China.It was established in 1956. Step by step it’s grown into one of secondary large state-operated enterprise in China. And has it own imports and export right.Besides,it newly-buit a factory in Houtun town, Jiaobei Industrial park located in Jiaozhou.In1999,are awarded the leading enterprise in China packaging.In 2000,are gained the advanced packaging enterprise in China. In 2002,are ranked the top ten printing enterprise of Shangdong Province.In 2002,was won registration certificate by state drug administration use for packaging medicine.And are awarded contract stressing and promise keeping for ten years by Qindao City and Shandong province.In 2002,was ranked state-grade contract stressing promise keeping by state administration for industry & commerce.

Factory set up five branch factory.Plastic color printing first branch factory.Plastic color printing second branch factory,paper products branch factory,boxes products branch factory,blowing plastic film branch factory and qingdao longsun trading co.,ltd.Belong to large synthetically packaging enterprise. It possess advanced printing,laminating,cutting,bag-making,blow molding,aluminum-plating special equipment and Homemade equipment use for produce paper products and quality control.

Produce plastic color printing composite packaging roll film,cover film,all kinds of flat bag,vacuum bag,bag for frozen food,steam bag,high temperature steam bag,single or many layers automatic paste packing garments bag,seed bag composite by paper,plastic,woven three kinds of material,aluminum foils composite roll film for drug special purpose pack, medicine bags packing and PTP medicine packing material; Produce all kinds of color cardboard,gold cardboard,silver cardboard,produce three-layers,five-layers corrugated chipboard and carton,color printing box;Produce napkin,box tissue,facial tissue,toilet tissue paper;Also produce many kinds of color printing PE die-cut-bag,T-shirt bag,pet clean and CPE film,liquid packaging bag,three-layers extrusion film and PTE,CPP,PE coated aluminum film packaging material and so on;Bring graceful packaging to light industry,chemical,food,electron,medicine,seeds,garment and all thrades and profession.